Your Wilderness Public Service District staff is always here to help you. Whether you need assistance with a bill or have a question about your usage, we are here to serve you. Stop by and see us during our office hours!

Business Personnel

Manager/Executive Secretary Debbie Gilbert 304-872-1598 ext.7
Office Clerk Doris Gwinn 304-872-1598 ext.6
Part-Time Office Clerk Rose Rogers 304-872-1598 ext.0
Board Chairman Todd A. Dean  
Board Treasurer Dave Sizemore  
Board Member Kristopher Antoline  

Operations Personnel

Chief Operator/Field Supervisor David Hanshaw Jr. 304-872-5225
Plant Operator Pat McCutcheon 304-872-5225
Plant Operator/Field Tech Zac Adkins 304-872-5225
Part-Time Plant Operator Scott Rader 304-872-5225
Part-Time Plant Operator Guy Amick 304-872-5225
Field Tech James Halstead 304-872-1598
Field Tech Vinnie Ritchie 304-872-1598
Field Tech Kevin Legg 304-872-1598